The dead Wait (Arena Hiddingh)

About This Project


  • Kai Brummer 
  • Nwabisa Plaatjie 
  • Dustin Beck
  • Namisa Mdlalose
  • Alex Mc Carthy  
  • Zukisa Nongogo


The Dead Wait follows the journey of Josh Gilmore, a young athlete turned soldier, from the Angolan War – that extended into the 1980’s – to the 1990’s and the creation of a new South Africa. In this adaptation, the story is told through a combination of dance and text.

Josh Gilmore is conscripted and sent into the bloodshed of Angola’s civil war. When a village massacre uncovers wounded political exile George Jozana Gilmore’s racist commanding officer Papa Louw orders him to carry Jozana for 50 kilometers back to the South African border. The play depicts their journey and growing friendship despite the racial tensions of the time.